Orbital Travel by “Lightcraft” Concept
Lightcraft is an orbital trajectory aircraft which is powered by external laser sources. With no need to carry its fuel, it offers higher speed and extreme levels of energy efficiency compared to any spacecraft. Lightcraft is engineered by Leik Myrabi; which collaborated with Umeå Institute of Design to implement the engineered module into practical user scenarios.

Collaborated with Leik Myrabo’s “Lightcraft” concept; “Aurora Spacelines” is a multidisciplinary design project made by Master Degree students of Umeå Institute of Design in Umeå, Sweden. One student from each master programme; Metin Kaplan from Advanced Product Design, Niklas Palm from Transportation Design and Terry Lim from Interaction Design; created the fiction company “Aurora Spacelines” that is providing orbital travelling service in extreme speeds by using lightcrafts.
Leik Myrabo is an aerospace engineering professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute who has demonstrated the feasibility of using ground-based lasers to propel objects into orbit; possibly reducing orbit-flight costs by a factor of 1000.


Here is a 6,5minute short documentary about Leik Myrabo’s Lightcraft Concept:
BBC’s “Wallace & Gromit World Of Invention” TV Show, used our project’s visual material to illustrate Lightcraft Concept in “Season 1 Episode 6 – Wacky Transport”. Here is the teaser: